How to Reach a Vast Audience with Spanish Marketing
I wonder if someone were to tell you that by not doing one simple thing in your business (Spanish marketing) you were ignoring nearly 17% of the buying public in the U.S., you’d be concerned and want to change that.

Of course you would! So if you aren’t already using Spanish marketing in your business, you’ll want to get right on it!

Not only is that sizable segment of the population eager for your products and services, the culture of which they are a part is a very loyal one, meaning that once you’ve shown you can take care of their needs, they will reciprocate!

A few mind-blowing statistics that should get your attention about Spanish marketing:

•    69% of Hispanics who were surveyed used social media at least once a day, compared to 62% of non-Hispanics.
•    Hispanics’ visits to the top 500 retail Web sites tracked by Experian’s Hitwise was a whopping 21% higher than the rest of the online population.
•    84.2% of U.S. Hispanic consumers have actively searched for a coupon online, compared to 70.6% of all U.S. consumers.
•    52 million Hispanics are currently residing in the United States, making them easily the largest minority population in the country.
•    Hispanic purchasing is expected to grow 48.1% by 2016, reaching $1.6 trillion in consumer expenditures, while for the rest of the U.S. population, the growth rate is only 27.5%.

An easy way to get into Spanish marketing for your business.

One very easy entry into this huge market of Spanish speaking consumers living in the U.S. is through the use of bilingual call center services. These services employ only native speaking employees who will work from your scripts to deliver a myriad of services for your company.

Some of the many services offered would include internet marketing, social media marketing, customer service, help desk, technical services, inbound and outbound marketing and much more.
They speak the language you and the rest of your staff perhaps aren’t fluent in, and this can make all the difference! Moreover, handing off these pieces of your marketing mix to those better able to handle it will free up key staff for other key marketing duties.

Which is the best Spanish marketing company to choose?

The best choice, in our mind, would have to be Listen Up Espanol. With corporate offices in Portland, Maine, and a new 500-seat call center staffed by more than 800 native-speaking agents in Hermosillo, Mexico, Listen Up Espanol is an award-winning company, being voted Company of the Year by the Best in Biz Awards for 2013.

Be sure and check out Listen Up Espanol for your Spanish marketing needs, and start cultivating a far larger market than you might have imagined was available to you!


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